Are you getting Angry playing World of Warcraft?


World of Warcraft is one of the biggest games in the world and players from around the world have succumb to its addicting gameplay. It’s one of those games that there is so much to do players have been known to skip breakfast, lunch, and tea, just to spend their days playing it. Some people think it’s sad, but the truth is it’s just as bad as any addiction out there such as alcoholism and drug abuse. The main problem with playing World of Warcraft when addicted is that it can produce a lot of anger and stress in someone because of the gameplay involved.

It might be hard for some people to see why players are getting stressed playing it, but as above, it’s the same as any other addiction. People get angry and stressed when they are filled with alcohol, and the same can be said with certain drug substances. There isn’t really a cure for any addiction, other than self-control and the help of rehabs, but unfortunately there isn’t a rehab for World of Warcraft players! So their only option is to stop playing the game on their own accord or their life will carry on spiralling out of control. Of course, not everybody gets stressed and angry from playing it, some people can play it a couple of times but it is a very big addiction to some people.

If you find yourself stressed out from playing it too much, or you are getting angry over things for nothing, then it could be a good time to take a little break from it. It’s definitely a hard thing to do when you have an addiction to something, but with a little self-control and willpower it is very much possible – but it’s all in your hands. If it’s really getting that bad then it would be wise to talk with family and friends about your situation, which again, isn’t easy to do. Sometimes though, doing something you don’t like doing to make your life better is all about life and sometimes you just have to step up and take it on the chin.

Playing World of Warcraft and getting stressed about it is one thing but are you starting to take things out on your family and friends? If you are, then that’s when you know you have a real problem and you are going to have to do something about it sharpish. This is the point when things start getting out of hand and your life starts to crumble around you. This is simply because you start pushing away the people that love and care about you – we’ve all been there one way or another, whether that’s because of World of Warcraft or not.

The fact is, there is plenty of help available for you online if it ever came to it, and if that isn’t enough then there are still plenty of people around you that can help. In terms of not playing the game at all anymore will be a little tricky at first, but even if you just played the game for a few hours a day for a start to see how that changes things, and then maybe stop playing for one whole day to see if that changes things further. Eventually you’ll be able to play World of Warcraft within reason and you won’t get addicted to it any longer. You will eventually realise that there is actually more to life that WoW and you can start building your life for the future before it’s too late! The above might all sound a bit depressing and over the top, but there are plenty of people that have been in the same situation but ended up losing everything around them.

Photo by MiguelB